Cornmeal crust pizza

Inspired by Dove Vivi Pizza in Portland Dove Vivi pizza near my house makes incredible gluten-free vegan cornmeal crust pizza. Naturally they don’t give out the recipe, but this seems to be a pretty good imitation, if you don’t live near Dove Vivi or just want to stay at home. It’s quick and easy, anyway. […]


Quick Fish Stew I just read a recipe for cioppino that recommended sauteing onions and garlic, adding tomatoes, and then simmering for two hours before adding the fish at the last minute. What possible purpose could that serve? How to make cioppino: A great one-pan hot winter meal, ready in about half an hour and […]

Chili and cornbread

American Food My teenagers complain that I make hippie food and not American food, so this is an effort to make something their friends will recognize when they decide to stay for dinner. But without any processed foods, sugar, or meat in it. The friends liked it anyway. How to make chili and cornbread: In […]

Chickpeas on polenta

Canned chickpeas or dried ones? Yes. Really, it depends how organized you are. Dried chickpeas are cheaper, and they aren’t canned so you don’t have to worry about cancer-causing bpa in the can lining. But you have to remember at breakfast to soak them for dinner. If you forget, use the canned kind. Or make spaghetti, […]

Chickpea crepes

Why chickpea flour? You could just make wheat flour crepes, but these chickpea flour crepes are not much harder and have a lot more flavor. Plus, they don’t have any gluten, so if you’re cooking for a vegetarian with a gluten allergy, this is a good direction to go in. How to make chickpea crepes: […]

Chicken soup and matzo balls

Chicken soup for a cold: Official scientific studies have finally shown it: chicken soup is about the best thing you can do for the common cold. So enjoy! Raw chicken or leftover chicken? The great question in making chicken soup. My grandmother always used a fresh chicken for chicken soup, never leftovers. I hate to […]