Alpha House cheesecake In Ithaca, drug addicts were frequently remanded to a place called Alpha House where they were supposed to be rehabilitated. The addicts were supposed to support themselves during the process, and learn to work a steady job, by baking lots of cheesecakes. Alpha House cheesecake was ubiquitous all over town, and it […]

Celery ice

A fancy early-spring dessert The first edible plants that grow in the spring are stems – because stems are what plants grow first – like chives and celery. This is a simplified version of a New York Times recipe: a dessert made out of nothing much more than celery and sugar. It requires practically no […]

Blackberry cobbler

Pick them yourself! Blackberries grow everywhere in Oregon – they’re invasive Himalayan blackberries, and if you don’t keep fighting them they’ll eat your house in a few years. But they do grow big, delicious blackberries in July. When I made first blackberry cobbler of the season, a couple of years ago, the kids were so […]

Baked apples

Fairly healthy dessert Baked apples aren’t health food – if you want that, just eat an apple, which is also good! But they are better for you than pie and certainly better than cookies or ice cream. And baked apples only take a few minutes to put together, cook while you are eating dinner, and […]