Peach ice

Peach Granita

How to make Peach Granita:

Heat 1/3 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of white wine in a small saucepan until the sugar dissolves, a few minutes, and let it cool. Take the pits out of three peaches, and puree them in the blender with the juice of half a lemon. Mix with the sugar and wine and spread out in a glass pie pan. Put it flat in the freezer. Stir with a wooden spoon every half hour for three or four hours, until the granita is completely frozen, then scrape into a serving bowl and serve with sugar cookies.

Vegetarian or vegan?

All vegan, all the time, and so are the cookies!

And will peach granita keep?

Sort of. You can freeze it if you can keep it solidly frozen all the time; if it gets soft and then you freeze it, it will freeze into a solid block. Then you have to melt it a little, break it up again, and refreeze it to make it into granita again.

Published by Karen Carr

Dr. Karen Carr is Associate Professor Emerita, Department of History, Portland State University. She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, or buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths.

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