Quick Baked Apples

Quick Baked Apples

Quick baked apples
Before microwaving

No time to bake apples?

This five-minute dessert is always popular at our house in September and early October, when everyone's still excited about apples. Later, I have to go further and produce a real apple pie or apple crisp before people will get excited.

Are baked apples good for you?

Well, they're not as good for you as just eating an apple, or applesauce with cinnamon sprinkled on it, but they're a lot better for you than chocolate cake or creme caramel :).

How to make quick baked apples:

Cut three apples into bite-size pieces, composting the cores and seeds. There's no need to peel the apples. Put the apple pieces in a microwave-safe bowl, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar or brown sugar over them. Put five pats of butter on top of the apples, and microwave for about two minutes or until the apples are soft. Eat hot.

Vegetarian or vegan

Baked apples are vegetarian, and they're *almost* vegan. You can make them vegan, and healthier, by leaving out the butter, and perhaps sprinkling with crushed almonds instead.