Sweet potato fries

You need a sharp knife

No, really, a sharp knife. Otherwise making sweet potato fries is no fun. But besides that, most cooking is more fun with a really sharp knife. You need sharp knives to slice apples for baked apples, or to slice onions or carrots. It’s one of the core problems of my life.

I can’t seem to find a decent professional knife sharpener in Portland, and I don’t know how to sharpen my own knives. Suggestions are welcome.

How to make sweet potato fries:

Preheat oven to 425 F. Peel and slice up four medium-size sweet potatoes into thickish french fries by cutting them in half lengthwise, then in half crossways, then in half lengthwise again. As you cut the sweet potato fries, dump them on a cookie sheet with about 1/8 cup of olive oil on it.

When all the sweet potatoes are cut into fries, use salad tongs to toss the fries in the olive oil. Bake the sweet potato fries in the oven ten minutes, then take them out and toss them in the oil again.

Return the fries to the oven and bake until they are soft and beginning to get a little bit black and crunchy around the edges. Serve hot, with falafel patties or broiled salmon.

We usually eat sweet potato fries with salt and tahini-garlic sauce. You can also season them with cayenne pepper, or with cinnamon, or with cumin and cardamom.

Vegetarian or vegan

Just naturally vegan! Enjoy!

Can I keep sweet potato fries for later?

Yes, sweet potato fries will be just as good after a couple of days in the refrigerator, if you keep them in a plastic bag or tupperware so they don’t get dried out. Microwave them to warm them up for lunch.

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