Easy, fast, and everybody likes it :)

It only takes a few minutes to make terrific guacamole, and it's way cheaper than buying the premade stuff. Make these terrific crackers too, to eat the guacamole on, or make nachos.

How to make guacamole:

Cut an avocado in half the long way and throw away the pit in the food compost. Use a small sharp knife to make cuts all the length and width of each half, dividing it like a checker-board. Then use a soup spoon to scoop out all the pieces into a small mixing bowl.

Mash the avocado with a fork, and add 1/4 cup of full-fat Greek yogurt, the juice of half a lemon, and a large pinch of kosher salt. Mix and serve.

And will guacamole keep?

Guacamole has a tendency to turn brown if it is in contact with air for more than a little while. That's not dangerous but it doesn't look pretty. Try to make only what you need, but if you do have extra cover it tightly and you can eat it again the next day. If the guacamole looks brown on top, try stirring it.