Celery ice

A fancy early-spring dessert The first edible plants that grow in the spring are stems – because stems are what plants grow first – like chives and celery. This is a simplified version of a New York Times recipe: a dessert made out of nothing much more than celery and sugar. It requires practically no […]

Chicken soup with matzoh balls

First the soup: Put a chicken carcass (the bones of a roasted chicken with most of the meat off) in a large saucepan and add enough water to cover it. Bring the water to a boil and then lower the heat and simmer. Meanwhile, chop an onion, two or three peeled carrots (my grandma did […]

Chicken soup and matzo balls

Chicken soup for a cold: Official scientific studies have finally shown it: chicken soup is about the best thing you can do for the common cold. So enjoy! Raw chicken or leftover chicken? The great question in making chicken soup. My grandmother always used a fresh chicken for chicken soup, never leftovers. I hate to […]

Celery-mushroom soup

Celery Season Celery’s one of the first spring vegetables to come into season, because it’s basically a stem, like rhubarb or chives. It’s so exciting to have a new food after all those root vegetables and apples in the winter! But you can’t just be eating celery sticks all the time, so you need some […]