Vegan chocolate mousse

Simple, elegant, delicious, vegan Regular chocolate mousse is delicious, but it’s definitely not vegan, and also it’s not safe for people with weak immune systems because it has raw eggs in it. This version is a little harder to make, but it has no eggs and is completely vegan – it has nothing in it […]

Valerie cake

The best chocolate cake ever A few years back, I went to a Christmas party at a friend’s house, and everybody brought something. Our French friend Valerie brought this French chocolate cake, and it was so extremely delicious that after that party practically every single woman asked Valerie privately for the recipe. So every time […]


Why make hamentaschen? Hamentaschen are traditional cookies for Purim, which usually falls in late February or early March. Purim’s a celebration of Jewish religious freedom, and generally of freedom for all people everywhere, so it’s nice to have cookies when you’re celebrating! The name probably comes from the German/Yiddish mohntashen, meaning poppy-seed purses, and was […]

Chocolate mousse

Every day for two weeks… I’ve tried many chocolate mousse recipes over the years, and they’re good, but most of them are unreliable. Sometimes you get a great chocolate mousse, and sometimes it’s all runny and won’t set up. How can you make an unreliable dessert when there’s people coming to dinner? So I decided […]

Chocolate streusel

A fancier chocolate cake This is a more complicated chocolate cake, although considerably simplified from the New York Times recipe I started from. It has a lot of ingredients, but nothing complicated about putting them together, and it cooks pretty fast. What about the frosting? This really, really doesn’t need frosting, especially if you eat […]