Sweet potato sauté

Thanksgiving in a non-cooker’s kitchen Once I found myself making Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen of someone who didn’t cook. I’d ask for salt, or a pie pan, or oregano, and she’d look around and say dubiously, “I must have some somewhere around here….” It gave me a new appreciation for people who are just […]

Baba ganoush

Tired of salami and cheese cubes? If you want something yummy but not so meat-and-cheese oriented to put out for guests before dinner or bring to a party, hummus and baba ganoush are perfect for that. This version of baba ganoush has extra lemon, which gives it a nice bright flavor. How to make Baba Ganoush: Peel […]


“Like a Braque still-life” I’ve always liked the description of ratatouille in the Joy of Cooking where she says that the bright colors all together look like “a Braque still-life”. It’s true that ratatouille is a beautiful thing to put in front of guests, and you can make it before they arrive and leave it […]


Paella any time of year! You could really make paella with any kind of vegetable or meat, and eat it any time of year. But this is paella with peas and mussels, so it belongs to the springtime when peas are in season. But if you use frozen peas, they’re good too, and any time […]

Eggplant and ground lamb

From Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem Well, except for Ottolenghi’s version (which I’m sure is delicious) requires three hours of slow cooking, and needs paprika and tamarind sauce. Whereas this version requires about half an hour of cooking, and more ordinary ingredients. Everyone loved it though. How to make eggplant and ground lamb: In a large frying pan, pour […]

Cornmeal crust pizza

Inspired by Dove Vivi Pizza in Portland Dove Vivi pizza near my house makes incredible gluten-free vegan cornmeal crust pizza. Naturally they don’t give out the recipe, but this seems to be a pretty good imitation, if you don’t live near Dove Vivi or just want to stay at home. It’s quick and easy, anyway. […]