Rhubarb crisp

Rhubarb’s one of the first things you get to eat fresh in the spring, plus it grows like a weed for practically everybody wherever you plant it (except for me; I have a rhubarb plant in a big pot that never produces anything ever. But for everyone else.) But in the fall, I make the […]

Oatmeal in seconds

Better than my mother’s oatmeal My mother was a good mother and she made us good hot bowls of oatmeal every winter morning and we hated it. Her oatmeal was terrible: gloppy stuff like jello. Then I got married, and my husband made oatmeal, and it was nothing like hers at all – this oatmeal […]

Oatmeal cakes

Yummy use for leftover oatmeal In Scotland, where people pretty much lived on oats, it used to be pretty common to let oatmeal get cold and solid and then slice it up to eat for lunch. These oatmeal cakes are another version of that idea. I serve them with salmon or lox because that’s another […]