Sautéed chard

Delicious no-salt chard I recently ate this chard at a friend’s house, and he was bragging about how it didn’t have any salt in it. It was delicious, and I asked for the recipe. “Oh, you just saute it in olive oil,” he said. “Liar,” I said. In the end, he admitted there was more […]

Pasta e fagioli

Noodles and Beans Filling vegetarian Italian dinner for a cold night. How to make pasta e fagioli: A great hot winter meal, ready in about an hour. Start at breakfast by putting a cup of white beans (or pinto beans) to soak. Then an hour before dinner put the beans into a casserole with plenty […]

Cornmeal crust pizza

Inspired by Dove Vivi Pizza in Portland Dove Vivi pizza near my house makes incredible gluten-free vegan cornmeal crust pizza. Naturally they don’t give out the recipe, but this seems to be a pretty good imitation, if you don’t live near Dove Vivi or just want to stay at home. It’s quick and easy, anyway. […]