Sweet potato sauté

Thanksgiving in a non-cooker’s kitchen Once I found myself making Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen of someone who didn’t cook. I’d ask for salt, or a pie pan, or oregano, and she’d look around and say dubiously, “I must have some somewhere around here….” It gave me a new appreciation for people who are just […]

Wontons and broth

Frozen Wontons or make at home? Yeah, you can get frozen wontons, and they’re yummy, but they’re also full of salt and sugar and grease. These are healthy and fun to make. It took about an hour, but you’d get faster at it with practice. Also, it would be fine to make the wontons and […]

Squash with fennel

A more sophisticated taste for squash Most squash recipes end up being pretty sweet, close to pumpkin pie. This is a more savory recipe, and it’s also gluten-free and vegan. It looks dramatic on a platter, and can take the place of a roast for a vegan holiday dinner. How to make squash with fennel: […]

Spicy Thai pork salad

Great for company This has a lot of ingredients, so it takes a while to make. But you can do it ahead and have it ready when your guests show up, and it’s very pretty to serve. Plus, it’s gluten and lactose free, if that’s an issue. This would be hard without a food processor, […]


Paella any time of year! You could really make paella with any kind of vegetable or meat, and eat it any time of year. But this is paella with peas and mussels, so it belongs to the springtime when peas are in season. But if you use frozen peas, they’re good too, and any time […]