What’s a shakshuka? It’s a common breakfast all over North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean: spicy tomato sauce with eggs broken into it, basically. This version adds vegetables and cheese to make it filling enough for dinner, because life is too short to make complicated things for breakfast very often. But this makes a quick, […]

Noodle soufflé

Fancier Noodle Kugel My mother always made this noodle souffle on Christmas, as a brunch to keep us going until Christmas dinner, and get us away from the chocolate. It’s essentially a noodle kugel with beaten egg whites to make it a souffle, and a bunch of dairy added,s but it’s more exciting to eat […]

Cheese blintzes

First Cooking Memories When we visited my grandma in Brooklyn, she used to keep my parents up too late talking. But we kids woke up early. My grandma always let the other adults sleep, and took me and my younger brother downstairs to make cheese blintzes for everyone. Making blintzes for nine people took all […]