Strawberry sauce

Strawberry Sauce In May when they finally come into season, it’s been so long since we had fresh juicy fruit – since August, when the peaches dried up – that we just grab handfuls of strawberries and cram them into our mouths plain. But after a few days, we’re ready to eat strawberries in more […]

Strawberries and sugar

Don’t eat New Zealand Strawberries These days, they sell things that look like strawberries at the store all year round. But they’ll only *taste* like strawberries in May and June, and maybe into July. While they’re good, buy two or three flats of strawberries and slice them up and freeze them, and you’ll have delicious strawberry […]


Why make hamentaschen? Hamentaschen are traditional cookies for Purim, which usually falls in late February or early March. Purim’s a celebration of Jewish religious freedom, and generally of freedom for all people everywhere, so it’s nice to have cookies when you’re celebrating! The name probably comes from the German/Yiddish mohntashen, meaning poppy-seed purses, and was […]